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The Bulletin

Diversity initiative poster frame
MCPS Launches Bold Teacher Workforce Diversity Initiative

December 16, 2014

MCPS hopes to hire more teachers of color, and others with backgrounds, skills and experiences that are underrepresented in the current workforce, such as those who are multilingual, to better reflect the community and the students it serves.

Fifty Educators Achieve National Board Certification

December 16, 2014

Montgomery County now has 709 Board-certified teachers, more than any other district in Maryland. The district also ranks ninth among school districts in the nation in the number of new National Board Certified educators.

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Make Sure Your Employee Information Is Up-to-Date

December 16, 2014

Did you move, marry or have a baby in 2014? Make sure ERSC has your latest employee information on your taxes, pension, life insurance and defined contribution plan beneficiaries.