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MCPS Board of Education

Patricia O'Neill

January 3, 2017

By Patricia O’Neill
Chair— Policy Management Committee, Montgomery County Board of Education

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) has a longstanding commitment to the principles of equity and excellence in education.… more


August 31, 2016

This afternoon Governor Larry Hogan, alongside Comptroller Peter Franchot, announced and signed an executive order that mandates all Maryland public schools start after Labor Day, conclude by June 15, and include 180 days of instruction. While the Montgomery County Board of Education certainly appreciates the Governor and Comptroller’s interest in supporting beach communities on the Eastern Shore, we strongly oppose any attempt to usurp local decision making around school calendars. Prohibiting schools from starting before Labor Day ignores critical issues faced by schools and the potential negative instructional impact on students. Determining the school calendar is complicated and requires balancing educational requirements, operational issues, and unique community needs all in the interest of students. As a key stakeholder and the largest school district in the state, we are disappointed that the Governor and Comptroller did not include us in their dialogue on this issue.


August 18, 2016

By Michael A. Durso and Jack R. Smith

As you all are likely aware, our community experienced a terrible tragedy last week when a horrific fire and explosion led to a building collapse at the Flower Branch Apartments on Piney Branch Road in Silver Spring.… more