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2013-2014 Neighbor to Neighbor Campaign: Be Engaged

October 28, 2013

2013-2014 Neighbor to Neighbor Campaign: Be EngagedMCPS Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) gives members of the community the opportunity to host or participate in small-group discussions on important school system topics. Starting on Nov. 1, you will have the opportunity to participate in two different N2N conversations.

  • The MCPS Operating Budget: MCPS wants to know what parents and community members value in the school district’s budget for next school year and beyond;
  • Bell Times: : The district wants to hear your thoughts on how Superintendent Joshua Starr’s proposal to change school start and end times—also known as bell times—will  impact students and the community.

The Neighbor to Neighbor website provides a toolkit loaded with resources for those who wish to host or participate in the conversations. These discussions may be held during a variety of times and places—with other parents during a PTA meeting, with coworkers during a brown bag lunch, or with friends at home in your neighborhood!

Interested in hosting or participating in a Neighbor to Neighbor event? Here are a few simple steps to follow:

n2nstep1Gather a group and choose a location. Everyone is invited to host a N2N discussion. The group size is up to the host, but make sure everyone has a chance to participate. Choose a location that, preferably, has internet access so those in attendance can view documents and video that are a part of the toolkit. If you need an off-line copy of the video, email

n2nstep2Watch the videos and review documents. The videos will give you a broad overview of the MCPS Operating Budget and the bell times recommendation. The videos, combined with the handouts, should provide a foundation for your discussion.

n2nstep3Have your conversation. It’s time to begin your discussion. There are guiding questions in the toolkit to get the conversation started. Make sure someone takes notes and, if you want, take a few pictures of your discussion to share with the MCPS community.

n2nstep4Share your thoughts. Please email your notes and any pictures you want to share to You do not have to provide the names of everyone in your group, but the name and contact information for the host would be helpful. You can also share feedback by completing the short electronic form on the N2N website. All notes will be shared with the Board of Education and the Superintendent as they make final decisions on the Operating Budget and any changes to bell times.

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