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MCPS Launches Student Contest to Celebrate Diversity, Combat Hate

March 28, 2017

In the past several months, the Montgomery County Police Department has reported seeing an increase in hate crimes, some of which have directly affected our school communities. Combating the elevated levels of divisiveness, prejudice, bias and hate that have emerged in our county and across the nation is the responsibility of every community member, including students.

To help our county combat this, MCPS, in partnership with the Montgomery County Faith Community Working Group, has launched a contest titled United We Learn: Combating Hate through the Arts. The goal of the contest is to provide students with a creative, structured opportunity to explore issues of prejudice and learn about the values of respect, diversity and civility.

The contest is open to students from all grade levels. Submissions will be judged by level (elementary, middle and high) and by medium. Entries must be created by groups of two students or more. Submissions will be accepted in the following categories: written word, performance, visual art and multimedia. More details are available on the contest website.

The contest will close on Friday, April 21. Winners will be announced Monday, May 22.

For more information, contact the Department of Public Information and Web Services.