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Becky Newman, Former Principal and President of MCAAP, Dies

October 8, 2013

Becky Newman, Former Principal and President of MCAAP, DiesDr. Becky Newman, a former principal and president of MCAAP, died on Saturday, Oct. 5. Newman started with MCPS as an administrator and served in many leadership roles: administrator at Mark Twain School; first principal of the Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents (RICA); principal of Paint Branch and Thomas S. Wootton high schools; and founder of the first college institute. In 2002, Newman was recognized as a Dean of Educational Administration for her more than 30 years in educational administration.

Many will remember her significant contributions to the Montgomery County Association of Administrators & Principals (MCAAP). In 1997–1998, Newman was a volunteer with MCAAP; she served as president from 2003–2011. Under her leadership, the organization embraced collaboration in many ways, including joint bargaining on economics and benefits with MCEA and SEIU, and participation on the superintendent’s budget committees and the semi-monthly meetings of MCPS and union leadership. In addition, it was during her tenure that a plan to have assistant principals in most elementary schools was implemented; the compacts on culture of respect and climate were introduced, and the commitment to collaboration was incorporated into the fundamental operations for which MCPS has been recognized.

Under her leadership, MCAAP consolidated all of the administrators into one organization; provided an organization and identity for the business and operations administrators; negotiated economic enhancements to recognize the extraordinary efforts of MCAAP members; created professional learning communities for all administrators in work-alike groups, and elevated the importance of political outreach to include endorsement of candidates.

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