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First September Pay Day to Be Sept. 6; Second Will Be a Week Later

August 27, 2013

One paycheck in September will come a week early for the convenience of nine- and 10-month employees.

The first payday in September for all employees will be Friday, Sept. 6, when nine- and 10-month employees will receive a partial paycheck. The next payday for all employees will be accelerated to Friday, Sept. 13, when nine- and 10-month employees will receive the first full paycheck of the academic year. This also is the first paycheck of the current academic year from which all deductions will be withheld. This accelerated pay schedule enables nine- and 10-month employees to receive a full paycheck sooner.

All employees will be paid again on Friday, Oct. 4, when pay dates will resume the regular biweekly schedule. Be sure to budget accordingly in preparation for this return to the regular pay schedule.

The Sept. 13 pay date will be the first of the academic year in which employees will see the full scope of deductions withheld from their paychecks.

For nine- and 10-month employees, deductions withheld beginning Sept. 13 will include:

  • mandatory pension contributions (7.5 percent of salary)
  • employee association dues
  • pretax accounts such as flexible spending and/or defined contribution plans [403(b) and/or 457(b)]
  • health, dental and/or life insurance deductions
  • charity campaign deductions

For 12-month employees, deductions not withheld in the summer months will resume on Sept. 13 and include:

  • mandatory pension retirement contributions (7.5 percent of salary)
  • employee association dues

In addition to these benefit deductions, many employees will see imputed income for life insurance (shown as EXS Life on your pay advice). Learn more about EXS in the article “What is EXS Life?” in this issue of For Your Benefit.

Employees also may notice a change to their biweekly pay based on changes to the annual calendar. To learn more about how the changes may affect you, see the article “Annual Salary Information Notices to be E-mailed in August” in the summer issue of For Your Benefit.  If you still have questions after reading the article, contact the Employee and Retiree Service Center at 301-517-8100.