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Honoring Contributions to Special Education

May 9, 2017

MCCPTAspecialed2More than 60 students, parents, educators and programs were honored at the 29th Annual Special Education Recognition Ceremony on May 8 at Rockville High School. The event, sponsored by the Montgomery County Council of PTAs (MCCPTA), recognized individuals and groups that provide support, motivation and encouragement that helps ensure success for special education students.

Honorees were named in several categories and included:

Outstanding Students

  • Ben Goldman, Jones Lane Elementary School
  • Emma Acker, Longview School
  • Joshua Hoover, Chevy Chase Elementary School
  • Patrick Acker, Longview School

Outstanding Parents

  • Jacque Flaherty, DuFief Elementary School
  • Jen Cope, MCCPTA
  • Kim McDonald, Longview School
  • Rebecca Lipscomb, Jones Lane Elementary School

Outstanding Programs

  • Fantastic Friends, Rock Creek Forest Elementary School
  • HIAT OT Team, Physical Disabilities
  • Home School Model, Strathmore Elementary School
  • Inclusion Model, Bethesda Elementary School
  • Jones Lane Elementary School
  • Jones Lane PTA
  • Route 6923 Transportation Team, West Farm Depot

Outstanding Educators

  • Amanda Love, Watkins Mill Elementary School
  • April Curtis, Ridgeview Middle School
  • Arielle Fleisher, Stephen Knolls School
  • Barbara Carlstrom, Herbert Hoover Middle School
  • Barbara Woodward, Hallie Wells Middle School
  • Carthel Russell, Briggs Chaney Middle School
  • Chris Schauer, Richard Montgomery High School
  • Darlene Botsford, Jones Lane Elementary School
  • Deborah Pierre, Ashburton Elementary School
  • Elizabeth Smith, Sally K. Ride Elementary School
  • Erin Martin, Redland Middle School
  • Jenna Halstad, Diamond Elementary School
  • Jennifer Hiscock, Montgomery Blair High School
  • Kara Cosgrove, Ashburton Elementary School
  • Kathy Harmison, Brookhaven Elementary School
  • Kristina Max, Gaithersburg Elementary School
  • Krystle Manzano, Clopper Mill Elementary School
  • Lesley Konigsburg, Wheaton Woods Elementary School
  • Lori Morgan, DuFief Elementary School
  • Mary Kempf, Lakewood Elementary School
  • Mary O’Neil, Rock Creek Forest Elementary School
  • Maureen Raines, Rock View Elementary School
  • Melissa Caswell, Thomas W. Pyle Middle School
  • Na’Shea English, Briggs Chaney Middle School
  • Samantha MacDonald, Clopper Mill Elementary School
  • Santha Bundy-Farah, Stephen Knolls
  • Vicky Shaffer, Montgomery Blair High School

Special Award

  • William Luther Jett, Department of Special Education Services

Honorable Mention Programs

  • Stephen Knolls School
  • Student Patrol Group, Jones Lane Elementary School

Honorable Mention Educators

  • Cathleen Kleiler, Stephen Knolls School
  • Dana Wolf, Jones Lane Elementary School
  • Jacob McCann, Tilden Middle School
  • James Winhold, Stephen Knolls School
  • Jennifer Tucci, Clopper Mill Elementary School
  • Joanna Dwin, Downcounty Consortium
  • Joanne Okeefe, Jones Lane Elementary School
  • Kathleen Hogan, Luxmanor Elementary School
  • Kathleen Morris, Jones Lane Elementary School
  • Kathleen Schwartz, Brooke Grove Elementary School
  • Sefanit Worku, Westover Elementary School
  • Shari Handerhan, Cresthaven Elementary School
  • Tiffany Cuellar, Clearspring Elementary School
  • Tina Garland, Little Bennett Elementary School
  • Tory Shaw, Tilden Middle School
  • Valerie Ricardo, Shady Grove Depot


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